What is Great Lakes Virtual Advantage, and how can I help you?

I’m a full-time virtual assistant, which means I’m here for you, at a distance (at home), not taking up space in your office or using up your benefits package, ready to work!

Gone are the days where you need to hire a separate marketing assistant, an administrative assistant, and/or real estate assistant to work at your office to do your administrative or office work. Together, as your remote team, we can do the same work via one instructional phone call or email communication, and get the job done. I’ll handle all the specifics and all the intricacies – the things you hate doing – so that you can get back to work on the big stuff, a.k.a., the money-makers.

FUN FACT – The name Great Lakes Virtual Advantage carries on family’s traditions.

Great Lakes comes from over 35 years of experience and integrity in my family. My mother owned a landscaping company during that time (Great Lakes Landscapes), and I’ve learned from her knowledge and skill about business, veracity, and drive. I’m ready to carry on the name in my own business and apply the same principles I grew up living. Here’s to many more years of integrity and success with Great Lakes!

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